Our toddler rooms are a bustle of independent activity as toddlers struggle “to do it by myself”. They need thoughtful teachers who are close by and who encourage this new phase of development. They are learning new skills and changing each day.  We support their fine and gross motor coordination, taking care of their belongings and themselves,  and most importantly being a friend and making friends. Your child’s social and emotional development and health is our top priority and an integral part of our curriculum.

What do we do with toddlers all day?

We engage them in conversations; we listen; we share our feelings; we jump and dance; we play outside; we explore water, sand, and other sensory materials. We read stories and sing songs every day. We follow their emerging interests in the classroom environment and offer appropriate materials and activities:  puzzles, building, doll play, and painting are some favorites. We provide opportunities for them to explore and express their emotions in a classroom which is loving, safe, understanding and consistent.  And we offer a hug whenever it is needed.