Preschool *T/Th opening 9/2019

Pre-schooler puzzle workWe offer preschool children a carefully prepared environment, freedom to make choices, stimulating activities and guidance from teachers who understand the impact of early education on children’s development.  Our classrooms are divided into learning centers that include: art, building, dramatic play, a reading corner, and science, sensory and math materials.  Teachers change the content of the work as the year progresses and as the interests and skills of the children emerge and develop. Our curriculum is aligned with the Department of Education’s Preschool Curriculum Guidelines.

Our preschool  children participate in an in-depth Theme Study which takes place over several weeks.  Some themes in the past have included:  Homes, Things in the Sky, Works of Great Artists, and the Ocean.  This unique way of teaching allows children, families and teachers to collaborate and enrich the curriculum. Children learn how to learn:  we encourage a deeper investigation of a topic; we learn about it in many different ways; and we encourage persistence, patience and a positive attitude.

Your child’s social and emotional development play an important role in our daily routines. We help children engage in respectul conversations and behavior with each other and with teachers.

What do we do with Preschoolers all day?

We laugh and tell stories; we talk about our families and our friends, we listen and encourage conversation; we express ourselves through creative movement, story writing and songs; we read and reread favorite books; we begin to draw and write; we try new things together; when we fail—we try again. We make friends and learn how to be a friend.