Pre-K * M/W opening 9/2019

We offer Prekindergarten children experiences and learning activities which encourage their emerging enthusiasm for learning and discovery! We acknowledge this important phase of development by offering our PreK children a carefully prepared environment, freedom to make choices, stimulating activities and guidance from teachers who understand the impact of early education on children’s development. We support their emerging literacy and math skills through the use of traditional and specially designed materials for both the classroom and the individual child.  These opportunities for learning are an intentional part of our daily routine along with time to play, time to make friends and time for personal expression.

Our Preschool and PreK  children participate in an in-depth Theme Study which takes place over several weeks. Some themes in the past have included: Homes, Things in the Sky, Works of Great Artists, and the Ocean. This unique way of teaching allows children, families and teachers to collaborate and enrich the curriculum. Children learn how to learn: we encourage a deeper investigation of a topic; we learn about it in many different ways; and we encourage persistence, patience and a positive attitude.

Children are members of our classroom community and therefore, learn to be respectful of it’s members and the classroom environment. This includes a new understanding of the importance of self-help skills and self responsibility. Children take pride in watering plants, organizing materials, washing tables and helping friends and teachers.

We believe that a child who is given an atmosphere of creativity, personal responsibility and freedom will develop into a self-confident and happy individual who is eager to learn and is  ready for kindergarten.

What do we do with Prekindergarten children all day?

We write stories and then make our own books; we build and construct; we measure and count; we sing, dance and act out plays; we go on neighborhood walks; we offer encouragement and guidance; we support friendships and we enjoy their deepening natural curiosity.