Happy infant crawlingA partnership with parents is at the heart of our philosophy for taking care of infants. We want the care that your baby receives at school to be an extension of the care they receive from home. When parents arrive at A Place To Grow, we want to hear about your baby’s night and morning so we can understand their needs for the day. In this way, your baby’s schedule is unique. In turn, you will receive an Infant Daily News which will tell you all about your baby’s day with us.  Our classrooms all have telephones and we invite you to “check in”.

Infants need teachers who respond to their needs.  When babies cry, they need teachers who offer comfort and empathy.  This sensitive relationship is the first step in developing trust and a strong sense of self.

What do we do with Infants all day?

We offer babies comfort, hugs, smiles, positive interaction, playtime and a responsive team of teachers. We sing and listen; we play on the floor with busy boxes, balls, scarves; soft toys; we cuddle; we feed each child on their own individual schedule; and we enjoy the time we spend with your baby!