Our educational philosophy is based on the belief that a child who feels safe, valued and welcomed will develop into a self confident individual who will reach their full potential. We create classrooms that are safe, caring environments where children can learn and grow. At the heart of our philosophy is mutual respect between teachers, families and children. When children feel safe and cared for, then, they are ready to learn.


A partnership with parents is at the heart of our philosophy for taking care of infants. We want the care that your baby receives at school to be an extension of the care they receive from home. When parents arrive at A Place To Grow, we want to hear about your baby’s night and morning so we can understand their needs for the day. In this way, your baby’s schedule is unique.  » Learn More


Our toddler rooms are a bustle of independent activity as toddlers struggle “to do it by myself”. They need thoughtful teachers who are close by and who encourage this new phase of development. They are learning new skills and changing each day.  » Learn More


We offer preschool children a carefully prepared environment, freedom to make choices, stimulating activities and guidance from teachers who understand the impact of early education on children’s development.  » Learn More


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