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  • Young Authors Take Center Stage

    Posted by on July 19, 2016

    Young Authors Take Center Stage

    Creativity is an integral part of early education. Allowing a child to innovate, explore, and express their thoughts and findings through writing, drawing, and dramatic play is a fundamental part of learning. At A Place to Grow (APTG), we encourage our students to not only read stories but create their own. Each child is an author, and every day at school is another page in their own story.

    At the beginning of every year, APTG teachers introduce children to the concept of creating their own portfolio of narratives. This could be in the form of the written word, or drawings and artwork that convey feelings and experiences. Each week the children are asked to contribute pieces to their individual portfolios. As our school year progresses and they learn new concepts, these original works often exemplify the development and education they receive. Our teachers use these books to help with assessments, but they also tell a story of each student’s experience at the school.

    Towards the end of each school year, APTG teachers add photos and a brief write up of the students to include in each of their portfolios. The pages are then bound together and presented to each child as their very own book that they’ve “written”. While many are surprised to see what they’ve created during their time in class, they are delighted at the thought of being real authors.      

    Also around this time, APTG has an annual tradition that celebrates our young novelists. The “Authors Breakfast” for families is a highly anticipated event where we invite parents and family members into the school for a morning of sharing and reading. Children sit with their guests and read from their personal books, flip through the art that they’ve created, and discuss the meaning behind the different pages. And, because the books are created in a chronological order, families are able to witness the emerging literacy skills first hand.

    At APTG we know that students, young children in particular, take great pride in their work. The Authors Breakfast gives them the opportunity to present their creative books and display their learnings to family and friends. They walk away with more than just a book to remember their school year by, they walk away with the confidence that they’ve created something – and that will leave a lasting impression.