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  • Toddlerhood – How Child Care Centers Can Help Toddlers Learn at Their Own Pace

    Posted by on July 23, 2015

    Toddlerhood is a stage in which children’s curiosity is high. At this age, children are constantly testing their environment and they need a creative and stimulating setting to learn. Toddlers’ struggle for independence can be easily frustrated by a poorly designed classroom. As you explore child care centers for your toddler, keep an eye out for the following characteristics that will promote joyful learning:

    1. Are there opportunities for toddlers to learn in a variety of different ways? Toddlers learn through trial and error, as well as through repetition. Childcare centers should offer experiences where toddlers can observe, help others, and do things independently with nearby adult guidance.
    2. Is the classroom designed with activities that emphasize the process of doing and learning? Activities for toddlers should allow children to build motor skills, gain control over their environment, and more. The toddler classrooms at A Place to Grow childcare centers are designed with different “interest corners.” For example, a “messy art” area encourages experimentation with color and different textures, while the tumbling area allows children to practice motor skills and the housekeeping area promotes imagination and pretending.
    3. Can toddlers move freely from one activity to another? Since toddlers learn by testing their environment through trial and error, it can be frustrating if they are limited to one particular activity. A Place to Grow has structured its toddler areas in ways that children can easily move from one activity to the next, as their interests change, without disturbing other children and with minimal interference from adults.

    Toddlerhood is a wonderful time in your child’s life. The right childcare center can help you make the most of this stage with carefully designed learning environments and classrooms. We invite you to visit A Place to Grow and see how our approach to toddler care and education is different!