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  • Theme Study – Eric Carle

    Posted by on June 17, 2013

    We have just completed our 15th annual Theme Study! This year our focus was on the work of Eric Carle. What a wonderful way to celebrate both art and literature. Our classrooms were filled with hungry caterpillars, tiny seeds, brown bears and beautiful butterflies!

    Each classroom chose different Eric Carle books as the focus of their study and brought the books to life through art work, creative movement, science observations, book making and drama – would you believe that our preschoolers could turn into butterflies?

    Thank you for attending your school’s annual curriculum night to see all that the children learned during the course of our study. The children were so excited to present their work to their families and the teachers were excited to have you in their classrooms. Here is a sample of some of the creations made by APTG children.

    Eric Carle Theme Study artwork