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  • Theme Study: A Unique Way to Engage and Teach Preschool Children

    Posted by on March 17, 2015

    Preschool is such an exciting time in your child’s development. At this age, children are curious about the world and are building confidence as learners. Their literacy skills are emerging and they are beginning to think critically, solve problems, and ask questions.

    At A Place to Grow, we are committed to educating preschool children in innovative ways. All of our centers use our Creative Curriculum for Preschool Children and follow the Massachusetts Preschool Curriculum Guidelines from the Department of Early Education and Care. One of the centerpieces and unique aspects of our approach is Theme Study.

    Research has found that children’s knowledge is increased and their ability to learn is enhanced when adults help them build meaningful connections between the parts and the whole. Theme Study is designed to achieve this goal. Each Theme Study is an in-depth exploration of a topic in which children, parents, and teachers fully participate in the learning experience. Past Theme Studies have focused on subjects like oceans, the forest, and things in the sky.

    Theme Studies provide a framework with which children can make sense of their experiences. Every Theme Study lasts at least three months, so children become fully absorbed in the subject. Hands-on, relevant experiences are integrated throughout the theme study through the use of drama, creative movement, stories, poetry, painting, writing, and more. These activities expose preschoolers to reading, writing, motor development, and mathematical concepts. Parents have numerous opportunities to participate in Theme Studies, ranging from reading stories to bringing in resources and sharing experiences.

    If you’d like to learn more about A Place to Grow’s Theme Studies and unique preschool curriculum, please contact us. We’d love to meet you and your child.

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