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  • The Importance of Different Care Approaches for Children of All Ages

    Posted by on May 13, 2015

    All children develop at their own pace and in their own unique way. However when selecting a childcare center, it’s important to find a place that plans activities appropriate to each stage of a child’s development. The activities that are appropriate for a toddler, for example, will not be right for a pre-schooler. A Place to Grow is proud to have developed distinct educational and care philosophies for children of all ages. We believe this makes us unique among childcare centers. Here is a brief overview of our educational approach for various age groups:

    • Infants. Above all, we strive to provide a loving, safe, and nurturing environment for infants. Children at this young age need a responsive environment that fosters a sense of trust in their caregivers. Our staff is committed to meeting the full range of infants’ needs, from food to warmth, diapering, comfort and play.
    • Toddlers. We like to say that toddlerhood is a stage, not an age. Toddlers are very curious and their language, social, and physical skills are developing rapidly. A Place to Grow creates a creative and stimulating setting where toddlers can learn by trial and error, as well as by repetition. In the toddler space, children can move freely from one activity to another.
    • Preschool and pre-kindergarten. Children at this age learn to represent ideas and feelings through the creative arts, play, and emerging literacy skills. A Place to Grow follows the Massachusetts Preschool Curriculum Guidelines. Preschoolers learn to use language to communicate effectively, as well as to think critically and solve problems, and more. Theme study is one of our unique offerings which gives youngsters the opportunity to learn in-depth about one topic over several weeks.
    • School age children. Older children need the freedom to make choices and work and play independently. We provide experiences for school age children that complement their classroom experiences. Examples include art, building, cooperative and competitive games, and cooking.

    Childcare isn’t a one-size fits all proposition. We invite you to visit one of A Place to Grow’s centers and explore what we have to offer for children of all ages!