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  • Summer Camp Themes: An Integral Part of the APTG Curriculum

    Posted by on August 22, 2016

    Counting the days until summer is a rite of passage for students. And, it’s not uncommon for child care facilities to switch gears and turn their attention to camps starting in June.

    While the focus is getting kids outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather, it doesn’t mean that learning ceases to exist over the summer months. On the contrary, it provides a fresh new way to educate young children.

    At A Place to Grow (APTG), our Arlington childcare facilities transition to summer “theme” curricula chock full of educational activities. Masked by exploration, the great outdoors, seasonal holidays, and summer fun, children romp in outdoor play spaces, engage in arts and crafts, and relish their summer vacations while absorbing much more than sunshine and fresh air.

    APTG summer theme curricula is creative and entertaining. A glimpse of our camp programs from June through August below show how camp can be engaging and educational.

    Happy Birthday America – Kicking off our summer themes, the week leading up to the 4th of July engages in all things red, white, and blue to bring out the patriot in all of us. From the arts and crafts of flag-making to decorative pictorials featuring fireworks displays, APTG Arlington students learn about the history behind the holiday, U.S. presidents, and explore important traditions that embody the spirit of our country.

    Dinosaur Days – A favorite among future paleontologists and dino-enthusiasts. For two weeks each summer, APTG explores the wonderful world of dinosaurs. With fossil digs, picture and pop-up books, and tales of prehistoric times, children learn how herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores once roamed this land.

    Once Upon a Time – Young children have a flair for the dramatic. And what better way to foster their innate talent than with a two-week program that brings treasured stories to life. This theme curriculum channels inner actor and actresses through performance art. Children act out their favorite fiction and are encouraged to make up their own stories to perform. With costumes and props, children immerse themselves in literature and get comfortable with public speaking and performing in front of peers.

    Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – Forget Seuss – this theme is all about planes, trains, and automobiles. Children on the move love these two-weeks in August that keeps bodies in motion. By discovering different modes of transportation, moving, and getting around, APTG students engage in non-stop activities with toys, stories, and art projects.

    Summer camp themes for preschool and Pre-K aged-children are an important part of APTG curricula. Both students and teachers enjoy these activities and immerse themselves in the topics. As the summer winds down and the children prepare for the new school year, they look back on these fun camps and share what they’ve learned during theme weeks over their school vacations.