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  • Learning at Home: 5 Activities and Experiences that Complement School

    Posted by on August 26, 2015

    Whether children attend a childcare center during the work day or go to kindergarten or elementary school, it’s important to remember that learning happens all the time – not just in the classroom. At A Place to Grow, we believe that parents are young children’s most important teachers. Sometimes parents ask us what sorts of activities and experiences they can provide at home to promote learning and complement what happens in our classrooms. Here are five suggestions:

    1. Read and write with your child. Reading together allows children to hear the language of books and to see that their parents value reading. Helping children write also reinforces language skills. Writing activities can range from letters and thank you notes to more routine tasks like shopping and to-do lists.

    2. Take time to talk with your child. Share what you see, hear, smell, think, and feel. It’s important for children to know that parents are genuinely interested in what they say.

    3. Ask your child to help with household tasks. Assisting with chores like setting the table, folding laundry, and preparing meals is valuable on many levels. Participating in work that is meaningful for the family helps children feel a sense of responsibility and accountability. These tasks can also help youngsters learn from mistakes and solve problems.

    4. Use different experiences to broaden your child’s mind. It’s important for children to engage in a variety of real-life experiences. These can be as simple as visiting stores for routine shopping or as special as visiting the zoo or a museum. Libraries are also wonderful places for children to cultivate their love of books and reading.

    5. Remember that learning isn’t limited to reading and books. There are many ways that children learn. Activities like sports, dance, drama, music, and art all promote learning in productive ways.

    For children, learning is a holistic experience that takes place both in the classroom and at home. To learn more about the ways that childcare centers promote learning for children of all ages, we invite you to visit A Place to Grow. We would love to meet you and your child!