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  • Community Building through Special Parent/Child Events

    Posted by on February 25, 2016

    Building a sense of community is at the core of our philosophy. A Place to Grow (APTG) believes that the participation in school and family events allows us to develop deeper friendships, and create a more nurturing childcare community for ourselves, and our children.

    Throughout the year APTG holds several family events, open houses, and special days for families. Parents, children, and teachers can join together and engage in fun activities. We showcase talent with special performances, hold meet and greets with parents and our providers, and more notably, we host family activities that unite the people that make up our extraordinary community.

    Seasonal Festivities

    Recently we held our annual winter event, a celebration at our facility’s indoor gym. This was a special time for families to interact, make new friends, and engage with each other over food, entertainment, and activities. With a little imagination and DIY inspiration APTG created a lively environment that was enjoyed by all who attended.

    Food & Décor – Our winter event offered a buffet of pizza selections and healthy sides for families to munch on, and a variety of sweet treats to indulge in. Our dedicated staff took the time to make the space look festive with simple ideas including displaying children’s winter scenes artwork. The focal point (and by far the biggest draw) was a life-sized gingerbread house made out of cardboard that the young children gravitated to. It’s massive size and appeal proved that a little ingenuity and team work goes a long way.

    Games & Activities – One of the most important aspects of all of our events is developing activities that foster socialization through collaboration. In addition to bean bag games that children were able to challenge parents to, craft tables were set up to give them the opportunity to work together on simple projects such as creating snowflakes. The giant gingerbread house in room was intentionally left plain. We gave families the chance to decorate pieces of the house and then view the artistic creation that was contributed by all.

     Entertainment – No party is complete without entertainment and there was no shortage at APTG’s winter event. We invited the Jammin music company to provide tunes for family singalongs, and let the kids show off their cool moves on the dance floor. We set up a photo booth with some fun costumes and dress up clothes to provide some silly and sweet mementos.

     In addition to these special occasions, APTG hosts smaller, in-class events. These gatherings are important to us, as they give parents the chance to spend time in the children’s familiar environments. For example, APTG just celebrated our 35th annual Valentine’s Day Breakfast. We invited parents into the classrooms before going off to work, for a special breakfast with their children and to exchange valentines that were made for them. The kids took pride in decorating the tables and showing off their spaces to family members.

    Whether we are celebrating the season, a specific holiday, or hosting a community building event, A Place to Grow encourages families and care givers to come together and bond during these special times. Together, we build a nurturing, engaging, and fun environment for young children that they remember for years to come.