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  • Child Care for Your Infant: Finding a Partner Who Will Continue the Care Provided in Your Home

    Posted by on June 22, 2015

    Balancing work and parenting is a tough job. One of the most stressful times in a parent’s life is finding child care for their infant, so they can return to their job. As you evaluate different child care providers, it’s important to find a partner who will continue the care that you provide for your infant in the home. The transitions between home and the childcare center should be as seamless as possible.

    Here are four ways that A Place to Grow strives to provide outstanding care for infants:

    1. Daily data sheets keep us and you informed about your infant’s needs. Each morning when parents arrive with their infants, we ask them to complete a data sheet which indicates what food their babies need, as well as the length and time of their last feeding and any special instructions for the day. Our staff completes the data sheet over the course of the day and we share it with you when you pick your infant up.
    2. Parents make up their child’s crib, so it feels safe. We ask parents to make up their infant’s crib with bedding that is familiar to the child. All infants at A Place to Grow sleep on their backs until they can roll themselves over. This is the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended sleeping position.
    3. Infants are only served food from home. Until they reach 12 months, infants at A Place to Grow are only served food that parents provide. For mothers who want to continue breastfeeding, we offer a freezer for breastmilk. Alternatively, parents can send in bottles with the correct amount of water and our staff will add the specified amount of formula.
    4. Routines are used to promote social and emotional development. Teachers talk and smile with infants when engaging in care giving routines. They enrich daily activities like feeding, diapering, transitions, and goodbye and hello times in order to form the foundation of infants’ social and emotional development.

    Our philosophy for infants is to provide a loving, safe, and nurturing environment for your child. However, we recognize that our role is to continue the care begun at home and not to take over the parenting role. Your baby’s day starts and ends with you at home. We hope you will consider A Place to Grow as you look for childcare providers to fill in the hours when you are at work.