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  • Celebrating APTG Faculty and Teachers Everywhere 

    Posted by on June 27, 2016

    As the school year winds down, many parents send cards and small tokens of gratitude to their child’s teacher to acknowledge their wonderful work. At A Place to Grow (APTG), we recently celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with a slew of activities that showed our educators just how much they mean to our community’s children, parents, and administration.

    For the 25th anniversary of this annual tradition, APTG pulled out all the stops including a surprise each morning for our dedicated faculty. To prepare for this week-long event, staff and parents came in on Sunday to decorate the school and placed fresh flowers in each of the classrooms for the teachers to see when they arrived the next morning. And, on Monday, our teachers were welcomed to a continental breakfast of muffins, quiche, pastries and juice, which kicked off a full week of sweet treats, pampering, and tons of accolades.

    On Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation Week, parents surprised APTG educators by bringing in a team of massage therapists. Indulging in 10-minute hand and neck massages during their break periods, our teachers received the well-deserved treatments throughout the day. Feeling replenished from the spa-like pampering, APTG faculty got into the party spirit on Wednesday with a Mexican fiesta lunch catered by a local favorite, Margaritas restaurant. Thursday and Friday activities saw faculty tapping into the sweet spot of the week with brownies, pies and cookies from our parents, and an ice-cream sundae bar to end a week of celebrations.

    In addition to the food and festivities, APTG asked families to bring in a small homemade or nominal gift to drop into each teacher’s custom basket in their classrooms every morning. We created a color-coated theme with blue, pink, orange, yellow, and red representing a different day of the week. Children were excited to participate, and presented small gifts such as candles, gift cards, and classroom supplies as they entered their class each morning. On Friday, or “red” day, APTG administrative staff presented each facilitator with a Target RED gift card.

    Teacher Appreciation Week at APTG isn’t just about gift-giving and activities. One of the more special aspects of this week is having our teachers be recognized for all of their hard work. Parents and children are asked to make cards and write notes about what makes their teacher so wonderful and exceptional. And, while this much-anticipated, fun-filled week at the school is a cherished event, APTG strives to recognize and appreciate all of the hard work and dedication of our teachers, and educators in each grade, every day of the year.