Category: Educational Philosophy

  • Preschool & PreK Learning Through Theme Study

    Posted by on March 17, 2016

    What makes a house a home? Ask a group of preschool children this question and you’re likely to get a million different answers. And not one will be wrong. So how do you help children understand a complex question with a lot of moving parts to the answer? Theme study. Facilitating preschool learning requires unique and creative techniques that help young children break down intricate concepts. Immersion into theme curricula helps them to really think about topics of discussion and better understand subjects as a whole. […]

  • Community Building through Special Parent/Child Events

    Posted by on February 25, 2016

    Building a sense of community is at the core of our philosophy. A Place to Grow (APTG) believes that the participation in school and family events allows us to develop deeper friendships, and create a more nurturing childcare community for ourselves, and our children. Throughout the year APTG holds several family events, open houses, and special days for families. Parents, children, and teachers can join together and engage in fun activities. We showcase talent with special performances, hold meet and greets with parents and our providers, […]

  • 7 Indoor Activities You Can Do with Your Toddlers

    Posted by on February 10, 2016

    7 Indoor Activities You Can Do with Your Toddlers Winter weather often means having to stay indoors for extended periods of time. And for parents of small children, that quickly translates into a panic of dealing with cabin fever. But, there is hope for weary New England parents trying to keep their little ones active and entertained. A Place to Grow offers inventive suggestions that can keep toddlers engaged and entertained for hours on end. 1)      Establish the “Imagi Nation” – Children are naturally creative, and […]

  • A Place to Grow Celebrates the Season

    Posted by on December 11, 2015

    Everywhere you look there are tell-tale signs of the holidays. Consumerism runs rampant through the malls, but A Place to Grow encourages more creative, less commercial methods to celebrate the season – through imaginative learning and inventive play. Our teachers engage young children with inclusive activities. Our “Caring, Sharing, and Giving” traditions offer special programs that appeal to children and their families. Caring, Sharing, and Giving Sharing – Children often want to bring in something that’s special to them that represents the holidays, family traditions, or […]

  • When Conflicts Arise at Day Care: The Importance of Clear Expectations and Rules in the Classroom

    Posted by on October 27, 2015

    Conflict is a natural part of life, including life at day care. A Place to Grow takes a unique two-pronged approach for addressing conflict in the classroom. We have developed proactive strategies that prevent conflicts from occurring, as well as on-the-spot interventions that teachers use when conflicts arise. To prevent conflicts from developing, every classroom has a daily schedule that is predictable, yet flexible. Children ages four and up participate in establishing the rules and expectations of the classroom. In this way, the children feel a […]