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  • Our Educational Philosophy – Parent Partnership

    Posted by on October 30, 2014

    A Partnership with our Parents

    We Take Care of Families

    At A Place to Grow, our mission statement “we take care of families” is a central theme throughout our centers.  We cannot provide quality childcare unless it takes place within the context of the family.  We need your insights, your feedback, your personal involvement, and both a personal and professional relationship with our parents.

    It is our goal to help families balance the demands of home and work.  We want to be a support system for our families.  We believe that it is our responsibility to provide formal as well as informal avenues for your involvement.  Families are always welcome in our classrooms.  Drop by for lunch, or an afternoon sing-a-long; help out with field trips, serve on a committee, or simply sit and watch.

    Parent/Teacher Communication

    A Place to Grow emphasizes open communication between parents, staff and management.  This fosters a sense of trust which helps parents deal with the anxiety they feel when leaving their children.

     Means of communication:

    • Two sharing sheets of your child are sent home in the fall and in the spring.  These progress reports highlight the emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of each child.  We also invite family members to attend conferences throughout the year.
    • A written sharing sheet is given every three months for infants and children with special needs.
    • We also send home a portfolio of your child’s work.  We include samples of his/her drawings, paintings, photographs of time spent at school, and favorite recipes, songs, books, and poems.
    • Weekly curriculum sheets let you share the exciting plans for your child’s classroom.
    • Daily letters help you and your child make an easier transition and re-establish contact at the end of a busy day.
    • Monthly center newsletters let you know what is happening in other classrooms, changes in center policies, special events, new families at school, birthdays, and any special requests from the teachers — such as “we need magazines for a special project”.

    Parent Committees

    We have set up the following committees to offer parents the opportunity to play a more formal roles in our center.

    Welcoming Committee – Parents who serve on this committee welcome new families to our center and act as a parent referral.  It is always special for parents to get another parent’s perspective on our centers.

    Special Events Volunteers – Parents who serve on this committee help us plan our school/family events.  These parents also plan our Teacher Appreciation Week.

    Parent/Teacher Exchange (PTX) – Parents who serve on this commitete help to form a parent evaluation for each classroom after a meeting with teachers and parent representatives.

    School/Family Events

    Participating in school/family events allows ua all to develop friendships and create a childcare community for ourselves and our children.

    One special trip we all enjoy is apple picking and a fun picnic.  Or course we make apple recipes at school for weeks after.

    Children celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking a feast together which the whole center shares in.  We also make a “thankful” list.  You are invited to drop by for a special Thanksgiving Circle.  The winter season is celebrated with a potluck supper at the school.  The highlight of this occasion is a presentation of unique gifts made by the children to their parents.

    Our Valentine’s Day breakfast begins in the morning.  The center provides breakfast and children and families exchange special Valentines.

    We have our annual bake sale to support Heifer International and end of the year parties

    Our Parenting Program allows everyone to meet in small groups and discuss parenting issues such as: behavior modification, toileting, superheros, and kindergarten readiness.

    We offer such a variety of ways for parents to be involved and “we take care of our families”.

Suzanne Foley is the founder of A Place to Grow Child Care with locations in Arlington, Belmont and Concord, MA. She earned her bachelor’s Degree from Wellesley College, a Master’s Degree from Lesley University and was an adjunct faculty member at Simmons College for 10 years. Learn more about A Place to Grow's story.