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    Posted by on October 17, 2014

    A Place to Grow Educational Philosophy

    We structure our learning experiences around the changing physical, emotional needs of your child we believe that children learn by doing, by making choices, and through sensory exploration.  We value the three “R’s” of respect, responsibility, and risk-taking.  Our classrooms are divided into learning centers which offer children the opportunity to work in small groups and/or alone with stimulating materials under the guidance of attentive teachers.  Your child’s play is his/her most important work!  We emphasize caring, safety and fun.

    Children are encouraged to participate in the following:

    * Time to Play – alone and with friends.
    * Story Time – listening and discovering.
    * Art – developing a sense of beauty, harmony and creativity.
    * Make Believe – self expression and imagination.
    * Nature/City Walks – understanding the world around us.
    * Learning Centers – opportunity to work in small groups with hands-on materials.
    * Circle Time – social interaction through talking, sharing, singing, and games.
    * Developing a peaceable classroom – where the three “R’s” of responsibility, respect, and risk-taking are encouraged through discussion and role modeling.

    We also occasionally offer additional enrichment programs to complement a child’s daily curriculum.

    * a professional storyteller.
    * a music specialist.
    * a dancer who specializes in children’s creative movement.

    Indoor/Outdoor Play

    Children learn by doing.  This includes running, climbing, hanging, and tumbling.  Optimal intellectual growth occurs simultaneously with physical growth and development.

    We place a high priority on this developmental need by including large muscle activity games in the classroom and by taking children outdoors to play as much as possible.

    This is the first of a series of blog posts on the A Place to Grow Educational Philosophy written by Suzanne Foley.

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Suzanne Foley is the founder of A Place to Grow Child Care with locations in Arlington, Belmont and Concord, MA. She earned her bachelor’s Degree from Wellesley College, a Master’s Degree from Lesley University and was an adjunct faculty member at Simmons College for 10 years. Learn more about A Place to Grow's story.